[THROWBACK] [Alternative / Chill] Washed Out – A Dedication // [Ambient / Vacation] Bent – Always (Ashley Beedle’s Mahavishnu Remix)

Got two throwbacks for y’all to relax to today. The first is from electronic group Washed Out‘s “A Dedication” which channels a very alternative rock kind of feel, almost reminiscent of Radiohead or Coldplay. The simple chords of the piano mix well with the soft, echoing vocals and in a way that’s sure to lower your “own” BPM and put your mind at rest.

Next is a very old ambient-style tune I first heard probably more than 10 years ago. Ashley Beedle’s Mahavishnu Remix of Always by Bent captures everything from the original and puts a truly amazing ambient house spin on the song. Combining many of my weaknesses: “old-timey” sounding sampled vocals (see also Parov Stelar, Yolanda! Be Cool) soft piano chords and synths that take one to beaches, islands, sunlit archipelagos, with glistening sparkly beaches somewhere, I don’t know, tropical. At least for a moment anyways; I could see myself flying a plane with this on, or maybe scuba diving to it. Enjoy.

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