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[Dance/Tech-House:] Mark Knight – We Get High From The Music (feat. Mr. V)

[Tech House/Groove House:]

Mark Knight – We Get High from the Music

Check out this groovy Tech-House cut, embodying the core elements of the house genre.

A steady, funky beat. House synths and effects alongside driving vocals produces a classic hit, and great transition track for the dancefloor into some harder house or something light. Check it out above.


[EDM Origins/Throwbacks:] Dj Hixxy – More & More”

EDM before it was EDM.

I feel them ravin’ more and more

I like to jump right on the floor

I feel the bass drum ūü•Ā more and more

It’s time for this…

[EDM Origins:] [Essential House:] Kreo – Burn For You (Radio Edit) // [Lo-Bounce / Post Dubstep:] Calvin Harris feat. Kelis – Bounce (Twibak & Martysounds Remix)

[EDM Origins] Drafted May 2016, Published Sept. 2017

[House:] Kreo – Burn for You

No set of house music would be complete without these two gems here. The first, the essential dance-house track, “Burn For You” by Kreo. First introduced to me through the music video game series Dance Dance Revolution, this song was way ahead of its time (released around 2005) with it’s deep, future-house sounds.

Though a little more pop/mainstream, the simple repeating synths create a sense of calm and a neotopian ‘this must be what elevator music in 2099 will sound like’ kinda vibe.

[Dance/House:] Calvin Harris – Bounce (feat. Kelis) [Twibak & Martysounds Edit]

Next up is a great remix of Kelis’ “Bounce” with Calvin Harris. The “Twibak & Martysounds Edit” gives the song just the right amount of ‘lo-bounce’ while keeping an uptempo vibe. Music like this laid the foundations for today’s future-house. This remix was released at a time where dubstep and generic trap ruled the EDM sphere, a welcome relief from that aural assault on our ears.

[EDM Origins:] [Progressive House:] Fischerspooner – Emerge (Junkie XL Remix) // [Deep Prog. House:] Fischerspooner – The Best Revenge (Alex Gopher Remix)

You don’t need to
emerge from nothing
You don’t need, to tear away

Fischerspooner¬†is one of the DJs that laid the foundation for much of today’s house music. The¬†American¬†DJ trio formed in New York, has had¬†their music featured in movies, video games, and numerous advertisements¬†Fischerspooner’s most popular single,¬†Emerge, was featured in the video game¬†SSX 3 remixed by¬†Junkie XL.¬†With a pounding, head nodding beat the track is everything progressive house should be. Music that you can bob your head to as it gets progressively deeper and entrancing. Check it out above.

For the best revenge, I AM!!!

On the flip side, for something a little¬†darker, but¬†just as deep if not more, check out “The Best Revenge.”¬†While it may seem like the song builds up for an eternity¬†(a tenet of true progressive house music) it is¬†well worth it. By the last drop, once the guitars are added back into the mix and the lead vocalist screams “I AM!!!” the beat will have hit you so hard, you won’t know what has happened. Great music to fade away, nod off or daydream to.

[R&B EDM Remixes] Mario Winans – I Don’t Wanna Know (Zoo#Clique Edit) // Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Synthetic Epiphany Remix)

[R&B EDM Remixes] [Deep House/R&B]
Mario Winans – I Don’t Wanna Know (Zoo#Clique Edit)

Today, we’ve got two great EDM¬†remixes of two very¬†classic R&B tunes that are a throwback to early ’00s rhythm and blues music.

First up, a chill down-tempo, but still massive remix of Mario Winans¬†“I Don’t Wanna Know” coming to us from CDeep Music’s Youtube Channel. The¬†Zoo#Clique¬†Remix expounds on the original adding layers of atmospheric deep ambient house, clublike basslines and rhythms and slowed vocals. This remix certainly does the original justice retaining most of the elements from the original, save for the¬†stupidly sick sample of The Fugees “Ready or Not,” but that’s forgivable. Nevertheless, don’t miss out on this awesome track and summer 2016 ambient-chill banger!¬†Download it for free!

[Ambient Future R&B]
Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Synthetic Epiphany Remix)

Next, from the legendary R&B trio¬†Destiny’s Child¬†comes an epic remix of one of their most well known and popular single’s “Say My Name.” Destiny’s Child and its individual members are no strangers to remixes (especially of the electronic variety; check out a few under this post).¬†The¬†Synthetic Epiphany Remix¬†re-imagines the R&B bopping anthem as a chill house club single that’ll round off nights with its building layers of ambiance, future sounds and throwback nostalgia.

Other notable Destiny’s Child Electronic Remixes:

[Progressive House]
Michelle Williams – We Break the Dawn (Karmatronic Remix)

[Dance House]
Beyonce – Greenlight (Freemasons Remix)

[Future House] marshmello Starter Pack // IDM: Intelligent Dance Music from Mr. Carmack & more

Wrong – marshmello

Colourr – marshmello

If you haven’t heard of¬†marshmello yet and consider yourself an EDM fan you have got some serious life choices to re-evaluate. Taking the genre by storm since his arrival, he considers his music “deep fluffy sexy trap house” according to his Facebook. He is indeed correct in that¬†marshmello‘s tracks successfully combine elements of house, trap and even older styles of dance music to create truly epic tracks. One of his older tracks “Find Me” was on a mix CD I left in my mother’s car about 4-6 months ago and she still bumps it to this day! Check it out below and a different style of futuristic EDM on the next page.

Find Me – marshmello

Check out some of these IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) tracks; notable for their departure from some of the more conventional characteristics of dance music.

Gud Vibrations – NGHTMRE & SLANDER

Cool (Mittens Remix) – Alesso

Waaaait [a.k.a. lonelyfuckingsamurai] – Mr. Carmack

[EDM Origins/Throwbacks] (Ambient EDM / Deep House) Gui Boratto – No Turning Back // [Future Chill House] Cyril Hahn – Last (feat. John Ford)

EDM Origins: Chill EDM
We’re highlighting two great¬†downtempo cuts that truly exemplify the ambient chill electronic scene. Seen¬†as the opposite spectrum of ¬†high energy, bass heavy trap anthems, ambient and deep house¬†genres tend to¬†reflect and invoke softer, more calming images. Ones of tiny rooftop dance floors¬†near the beach in coastal towns. A recovery set, or maybe the whole set at an¬†Ibiza lounge¬†or anywhere EDM “old-heads”¬†frequent. I hope you enjoy and are¬†able to mellow out for a few momentsto these two great songs.

[Deep Future House] Cyril Hahn – Last (feat. John Ford)

When I look into your eyes…

[Deep House / Ambient Chill EDM]

Gui Boratto’s “No Turning Back”

Take a chance in those wonderful words you just don’t understand.
I can show you the way,
but I know that you’ll never be there.

It’s rare that when a song starts up on my 8000+ iPod library that it gives me goosesbumps (I[m in the long process of putting all said songs into a playlist when I re-stumble across them) but that is exactly what happens when I listen to Swiss DJ¬†Cyril Hahn’s “Last” featuring John Ford.

Channeling elements of deep house waves, retro future vocals and dreamy soundscapes “Last” is probably one of the greatest songs I have heard in several years for this genre of EDM. I have previously blogged about this song which you can read about¬†here:

Be sure to check out “Last” And Cyril Hahn’s other music below:¬†

‚úĖ Follow Cyril Hahn


Brazilian DJ Gui Boratto is a well known name in the house music circuit. With music featured in movies and video games alike; his many remixes and original songs share an authentic quality of atmospheric deep layer of sound. These are elements of EDM that characterized the house and trance music scene throughout the early 2000s to the early 2010s.

Though a bit different sonically in nature, Genre themed podcasts and radio series like¬†Armin Van Buuren’s¬†“A State of Trance” capitalize on this brand of dance music. One that goes beyond hip snares and samples of current rappers over bass heavy beats, but to European EDM at its finest (and of the similar songs produced out of America and elsewhere). Enjoy the classic “No Turning Back”

More about Gui Boratto:

Gui Boratto Website
Gui Boratto Soundcloud