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[Future House] marshmello Starter Pack // IDM: Intelligent Dance Music from Mr. Carmack & more

Wrong – marshmello

Colourr – marshmello

If you haven’t heard of marshmello yet and consider yourself an EDM fan you have got some serious life choices to re-evaluate. Taking the genre by storm since his arrival, he considers his music “deep fluffy sexy trap house” according to his Facebook. He is indeed correct in that marshmello‘s tracks successfully combine elements of house, trap and even older styles of dance music to create truly epic tracks. One of his older tracks “Find Me” was on a mix CD I left in my mother’s car about 4-6 months ago and she still bumps it to this day! Check it out below and a different style of futuristic EDM on the next page.

Find Me – marshmello

Check out some of these IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) tracks; notable for their departure from some of the more conventional characteristics of dance music.

Gud Vibrations – NGHTMRE & SLANDER

Cool (Mittens Remix) – Alesso

Waaaait [a.k.a. lonelyfuckingsamurai] – Mr. Carmack


[EDM Origins/Throwbacks] (Ambient EDM / Deep House) Gui Boratto – No Turning Back // [Future Chill House] Cyril Hahn – Last (feat. John Ford)

EDM Origins: Chill EDM
We’re highlighting two great downtempo cuts that truly exemplify the ambient chill electronic scene. Seen as the opposite spectrum of  high energy, bass heavy trap anthems, ambient and deep house genres tend to reflect and invoke softer, more calming images. Ones of tiny rooftop dance floors near the beach in coastal towns. A recovery set, or maybe the whole set at an Ibiza lounge or anywhere EDM “old-heads” frequent. I hope you enjoy and are able to mellow out for a few momentsto these two great songs.

[Deep Future House] Cyril Hahn – Last (feat. John Ford)

When I look into your eyes…

[Deep House / Ambient Chill EDM]

Gui Boratto’s “No Turning Back”

Take a chance in those wonderful words you just don’t understand.
I can show you the way,
but I know that you’ll never be there.

It’s rare that when a song starts up on my 8000+ iPod library that it gives me goosesbumps (I[m in the long process of putting all said songs into a playlist when I re-stumble across them) but that is exactly what happens when I listen to Swiss DJ Cyril Hahn’s “Last” featuring John Ford.

Channeling elements of deep house waves, retro future vocals and dreamy soundscapes “Last” is probably one of the greatest songs I have heard in several years for this genre of EDM. I have previously blogged about this song which you can read about here:

Be sure to check out “Last” And Cyril Hahn’s other music below: 

✖ Follow Cyril Hahn


Brazilian DJ Gui Boratto is a well known name in the house music circuit. With music featured in movies and video games alike; his many remixes and original songs share an authentic quality of atmospheric deep layer of sound. These are elements of EDM that characterized the house and trance music scene throughout the early 2000s to the early 2010s.

Though a bit different sonically in nature, Genre themed podcasts and radio series like Armin Van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” capitalize on this brand of dance music. One that goes beyond hip snares and samples of current rappers over bass heavy beats, but to European EDM at its finest (and of the similar songs produced out of America and elsewhere). Enjoy the classic “No Turning Back”

More about Gui Boratto:

Gui Boratto Website
Gui Boratto Soundcloud


[Hip-Hop Origins:] [Throwback] Eminem – Seduction (Prod. by DJ Kahlil) // [Dance Origins:] [Deep Trance Throwback] Tom Clous – Secretly & 4 Clubbers – Secrets

Today’s Hip-Hop Origins / Throwback Post:

[Hip-Hop/Rap] Eminem – Seduction (prod. by DJ Kahlil)

From his 2010 album “Recovery” which Eminem has rapped about in his semi-unreleased single “Syllabes” featuring Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Stat Quo & 50 Cent, claiming “Encore he [I] was on drugs, Recovery [I] was flushin’ em out” Eminem recognized this wasn’t his strongest album, but despite that a few bangers are still present. “Seduction” is a deeply-emotional track with a very solid beat and rhyme structure where Mathers compares the rap game to a woman he wants to seduce with lines like “One minute she loves you / the next she don’t / she’s been stolen from you / it’s like a (verbal) seduction when I tell ’em ‘Girls on the floor…

Eminem is contanstly brought up on comment sections and internet forums as one of the “Greatest MCs of All Time,” whether true or not, no one can deny the “not afraid to take it there” rapper, “8-Mile” star-actor, and ever-controversial Marshall Mathers lacks longevity. Eminem’s music is a shining beacon of originality in a music scene, that, at times, completely lacks it. Ever since hearing “My Name Is (Slim Shady)” at summer camp probably around the age of 10, knowing “my parents would kill me if they knew I was listening to such profane music” (lol) I knew there was something special about Eminem. He had a very unique sound, that sounded authentic, not faked, and some killer back-up in production and features. Working with Dido, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and countless other artists Eminem certainly has a spot in the circle of “Greatest Rappers of All-TIme.”

Check out this classic throwback and leave comments below about what you think of Recovery and Eminem as a rapper.

Eminem on Twitter

[Deep Trance] Tom Klous – Secretly

[Eurodance / Festival Trance] 4 Clubbers – Secrets

Next we’re highlighting two classic trance tunes, Tom Klous’Secretly” and 4 Clubbers’ Secrets (Club Mix),” two great EDM tracks showcasing the moving power of good trance music. The first “Secretly,” from EDM DJ-producer, Tom Klous, is a chill vocal trance track with heavy layers of instrumentation coupled with mesmerizing vocals (from Tiff Lacey). The second “Secrets,” by 4 Clubbers, is much more energetic and incorporates this energy into fist-pumping, festival-ready synths alongside a very European-style dance/bass structure.

[Future Festival Chill:] Morgan Page – Fight For You (Beltek Remix), Mash-Ups & Remixes

[Dance/House:] Morgan Page – Fight For You (Beltek Remix)

I fight for you,
I didn’t wanna have to raise my voice…
I’m right for you,
You really leave me with no choice…

Morgan Page’s “Fight For You” is already epic enough in it’s original form, with the incredibly festival-ready mash-up take on Page’s own “Fight For You,” combined with Nima Nesta’s “Derby” in “Derby Fight“. or the deep ambient, Sultan & Shepard Remix or the dubstep-heavy Culture Code Remix. The Beltek Remix is another great, mixable remix emphasizing the heavy atmospheric basslines and melodies inherent in the popular song. Having been remixed six ways to Sunday there is a remix in probably at least one genre that any person alive would enjoy. Check some of them out below:

[Dance/Electronic:] Fight For You – Morgan Page

[EDM Festival House:] Derby Fight – Morgan Page Vs. Nima Nesta

[House:] Fight For You (DJ Dan Remix) – Morgan Page

[Dubstep/House:] Fight For You (Culture Code Remix) – Morgan Page

[Deep House:] Fight For You (Sultan & Shepard Remix) – Morgan Page

Find more here:
Morgan Page Soundcloud
Morgan Page Twitter
Morgan Page Facebook
Nima Nesta Soundcloud
Nima Nesta Facebook
Nima Nesta Twitter

[EDM Origins: Throwback] [Moombahton Funk / Heavy Baile:] AggroKids – Killa

Throwback to this incredibly catchy moombahton track with mesmerizing amounts of bass and sampled Patois-sounding vocals repeating over and over. EDM artists, AggroKids (the combined effort of David Heartbreak & Rell the Soundbender) “Killa” has a sick, filthy bass-line that runs throughout creating a guaranteed club/floor-filler. Killa is certainly one of the better tracks of the Moombahton Forever, a latin-heavy electronic mixtape full of baile music and bass.

You can find more on AggroKids on these social media websites and download “Killa” from their Souncloud.

AggroKids Soundcloud

Moombahton Forever

[EDM ORIGINS] Dyro Feature “Carry Me” and “Daftastic” // Morgan Page “Fight For You”

[Dance/Deep House:] Me (Dyro Remix) – Morgan Page feat. Nadia Ali


Dutch DJ and EDM producer Dyro, one of EDM’s rising stars has several remixes and original productions worth taking note of. No one should miss out on these two phenomenal tracks from the 23-year old DJ and EDM producer. The first, a remix of Morgan Page’s festival anthem/big room banger “Carry Me” featuring Nadia Ali. The second, a powerful dance house tune with plenty of bass and a sick bassline “Daftastic” which pays homage to the godfather’s of the electronic dance music scene, Daft Punk. Check out both songs above and more about Dyro below:

Dyro’s Soundcloud

Dyro on Twitter

[Dance/Electronic:] Fight For You – Morgan Page

[EDM ORIGINS: THROWBACK] | [AmbientStep/Chill:] Coldplay – Speed of Sound (C-64 Radio Edit)

Speed of Sound (C-64 Remix) – Coldplay

Today’s EDM throwback is a chillstep remix of Coldplay’s classic “Speed of Sound” perfect for the changing cool weather as we transition into fall. C64’s remix opens with chilling, beat-building repetitions of the “all that noise, all that sound” stanza before jumping into the familiar 2005 smash-hit. Originally from the band’s highly-successful album, X&Y, this chill-ambient remix well does the original justice.