[EDM Origins/Throwbacks] (Ambient EDM / Deep House) Gui Boratto – No Turning Back // [Future Chill House] Cyril Hahn – Last (feat. John Ford)

We’re highlighting two epic ambient/chill house tracks from two great artists in the house music scene, Gui Boratto and Cyril Hahn/

EDM Origins: Chill EDM
We’re highlighting two great downtempo cuts that truly exemplify the ambient chill electronic scene. Seen as the opposite spectrum of  high energy, bass heavy trap anthems, ambient and deep house genres tend to reflect and invoke softer, more calming images. Ones of tiny rooftop dance floors near the beach in coastal towns. A recovery set, or maybe the whole set at an Ibiza lounge or anywhere EDM “old-heads” frequent. I hope you enjoy and are able to mellow out for a few momentsto these two great songs.

[Deep Future House] Cyril Hahn – Last (feat. John Ford)


When I look into your eyes…

[Deep House / Ambient Chill EDM]

Gui Boratto’s “No Turning Back”

Take a chance in those wonderful words you just don’t understand.
I can show you the way,
but I know that you’ll never be there.

It’s rare that when a song starts up on my 8000+ iPod library that it gives me goosesbumps (I[m in the long process of putting all said songs into a playlist when I re-stumble across them) but that is exactly what happens when I listen to Swiss DJ Cyril Hahn’s “Last” featuring John Ford.

Channeling elements of deep house waves, retro future vocals and dreamy soundscapes “Last” is probably one of the greatest songs I have heard in several years for this genre of EDM. I have previously blogged about this song which you can read about here:

Be sure to check out “Last” And Cyril Hahn’s other music below: 

✖ Follow Cyril Hahn


Brazilian DJ Gui Boratto is a well known name in the house music circuit. With music featured in movies and video games alike; his many remixes and original songs share an authentic quality of atmospheric deep layer of sound. These are elements of EDM that characterized the house and trance music scene throughout the early 2000s to the early 2010s.

Though a bit different sonically in nature, Genre themed podcasts and radio series like Armin Van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” capitalize on this brand of dance music. One that goes beyond hip snares and samples of current rappers over bass heavy beats, but to European EDM at its finest (and of the similar songs produced out of America and elsewhere). Enjoy the classic “No Turning Back”

More about Gui Boratto:

Gui Boratto Website
Gui Boratto Soundcloud


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