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What began as the sister site to urbanATLbeats, an Atlanta-based music blog covering the hip-hop scene in general, became a blog to highlight EDM music, the culture that surrounds it and hip new songs from other genres as well.  My name is Darris Pope, and I am a freelance writer who also mixes music as LUMiNUS.

I’ve resided in Atlanta for most of my life and have always had a passion for music.

iLLUMiNOUS music highlights music that I feel people should know about, particularly EDM but also underground hip-hop, Trap, and Rock. Personally my favorites are House music and it’s subgenres as well as independent EDM music.

My writings have been published in Georgia State University’s newspaper, The Signal and I also spend time writing reviews, impressions and covering events and concerts. You can find me covering local Atlanta events on ATLbyDay.com under the pen name Luminous Mind.

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