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Robotaki’s ‘Anachronism’ EP releases via Foreign Family Collective

Toronto based DJ, Robotaki, released his Anachronism EP, Friday. The EP is a thoughtful, deep fusion of house, funk and very unique ambient vibes any fan of “different” EDM should check out. Released through ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, Robotaki’s sound here is deeply ambient, just like his label heads.

The opening track “Severance” combines melodic humming, downtempo vibes and rhythms and an IDM sound. By the end of the track, it completely flips, going from soft jazzy vocals to a glitchy snares and a hoppier sound adding a quick burst of energy.

Shadowed 1
Credit: Nick Thiessen

The popular producer has remixed tracks from the likes of Daft Punk and Empire of the Sun and for good reason. The cuts “Meant to Be” and “Beaches” channel both those artists in their dreaminess and calming ambiance. This is beach music. Relaxed road trip music. The kind of stuff you’d want serenading the background of a peaceful lucid dream.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of Anachronism.

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[Bass House:] BROHUG releases Swag / Vamos – EP on Dim Mak Records

[Bass House/Big Room:] “Swag” and “Vamos” EP on Dim Mak Records

BROHUG has done it once again with some bass-laden tunes released just in time for the new year. Closing out 2018, is the “Swag / Vamos” EP release on Dim Mak Records. Both tunes are filled to the brim with bass and BROHUG’s signature sound.

“Swag” is energetic with a repeating female vocal that echoes after the drop. “Vamos” employs a deep voice repeating the title and filling the floor with heavy bass ambiance. It takes some inspiration from the big-room genre.

Stream both tracks on BROHUG’s Soundcloud.

[Reviews:] [Bass House:] Taiki Nulight’s first full-length endeavor is an enjoyable mix of bass and dark house.

Hey guys, this is my first published article for my new gig at EDM Identity, be sure to check it out here and you can also read it below.


Taiki Nulight

Taiki Nulight’s first full-length album, Murky Manor, is an interesting journey through dark house sounds and bass soundscapes.

When it comes to Brighton resident, Taiki Nulight, we see an artist with a history of putting his unique spin on UK Garage, bass, and house music. Furthermore, he has collaborated with big names such as Chris Lorenzo, Lo Steppa and Cause & Effect and remixed songs from even larger staple artists like Above & Beyond and Netsky. For Taiki’s new album Murky Manor, released under AC Slater’s Night Bass Records, he hones his experience in the industry to release a piece of work heavily influenced by bass house, UK Grime, and Garage, reflecting his personal sound that he has always wished to convey.

Take a listen to Taiki Nulight’s Murky Manor, download or stream it on your favorite platform, and join me as I explore some highlights from the album below!

Stream Taiki Nulight – Murky Manor on Spotify:

Murky Manor marks the house DJ’s first foray into full-length LPs. Taiki Nulight calls it the culmination of his past six years DJing.

The opening track “Invite to Murky Manor” starts off slowly. Calm lounge overtones begin, then a bouncy house beat joins the mix, setting the tone for the whole LP. Dark overtones and heavy bass are the overall mood of the album. However, from track to track the sound changes quickly, and varies from subtle and nuanced, to more direct. The intro track builds with satisfying, gritty, grimy vibes. These, in turn, carry over to the title track, “Murky Manor“.

Taking on the album’s moniker, “Murky Manor” picks up with snazzy keyboard riffs adding in a steady house beat. As a result, it gives off an impression or feeling of hybrid lounge house music. Soft, yet riddled with bass and dark energy.

Most of Murky Manor straddles the line between dark and tranquil house music. It can quickly flip from calmly reassuring to highly energetic, in the best way possible.

Most of the album follows this trend, straddling the line between softer, dark house sounds and more energetic cuts that would be at home at an underground house club. This embodies the different moods Taiki Nulight has felt in his life and as a DJ. At times, the sounds are soft, subtle and funky. At others, they are much more powerful and heavy. Big bass, steady snares and foreshadowing rhythms, and synths build in the back-beat culminating in his overall vision of sound.



The much more charged “Night Bass Thing“, which receives treatment from Night Bass label head AC Slater and Atlanta rapper Dell Harris, is the first cut with vocals that aren’t samples. Harris raps / Girls in the club they movin’ movin’ / over dark synths and a quite dance-able BPM. AC Slater brings his unique sound to this track as well, certainly taking it up a notch. This one is perfect for house lounges and clubs that embrace the underground feel.

On the bass-house side, standout tracks like “Murky Labs,” “Primal”, and “Sinner” (with Chris Lorenzo) have side-step and shuffle ready flows.

The light keyboard present in the softer songs returns in a few of these, mixing well amid samples you’d expect to hear in something more G-House tinged. It’s in nice contrast with the shadowy, dark vibe present throughout the album. “Primal” is a bass-house club-ready track and one of the more upbeat numbers present. In addition to multiple layers of sound and waves of bass, a nice almost subtle drop creates a head-bobbing rhythm and is certainly one of the star tracks.



In short, Taiki Nulight’s first LP is a captivating display of the depths of darker, more subdued house music.

Remaining true to its theme throughout, Murky Manor explores the depths of a unique blend of bass, house, and garage music. There are times when some of the tracks become indistinguishable from the next, but all fit the general vibe Taiki is trying to portray. In all honesty, it’s an easy listen all the way through and comes off as much more authentic. Murky Manor is a successful foray into the world of full-length albums for Taiki Nulight, made for underground house venues and bass-house and dark house connoisseurs alike.

Taiki Nulight – Murky Manor – Tracklist:

  1. Invite to Murky Manor
  2. Murky Manor
  3. The Business
  4. Night Bass Thing with AC Slater (feat. Dell Harris)
  5. Way I Feel
  6. Murky Labs
  7. Sinner with Chris Lorenzo
  8. Iconic with Dread MC
  9. Primal
  10. What You Gonna Do with Cause & Effect
  11. Villain Dub

Connect With Taiki Nulight on Social Media:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

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Taiki Nulight’s recent LP “Murky Manor”

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[New Future House/Bass EP:] Tchami – World to Me EP

[New Releases:] Tchami – World to Me EP (Confession Records)

One of my favorite EDM/Future House DJs, Tchami, whom I saw in concert here in Atlanta about a month or so ago, has finally released the Extended Play of his hit song, “World to Me.”

My favorite remixes so far from the EP are the Rootkit Remix and Dillon Nathaniel’s Remix. Nathaniel’s remix was dropped by Tchami and Malaa at the Atlanta Tabernacle show and features some festival-rocking, club-jumping bass revvs that are simply amazing.

The Rootkit Remix is much more atmospheric and when the chorus/drop hits the following mish mash of sounds resounds and lifts the track, and you, up high into the air. Sounding like, I dunno, for some reason it kinda reminds me of the ethereal-ness I experienced when first hearing Morgan Page’s “Fight For You” and it’s “Derby Fight” mash-up remix.

Be sure to check out the World to Me EP and Tchami’s “Confession” if you haven’t already.

[New EDM Album Release July 2015:] Morgan Page releases dance-music album “DC to Light” ( 4.5 / 5 ) HOT!: Trigger, Safe Till Tomorrow, The One I Love

Rating: 4.5/5
The Skinny:
 An album with quite a few possible dance-house anthems that stays true to Morgan Page’s style and foundations. With just enough variety to be fresh, yet familiar enough to be expected, in a positive way. “DC to Light” stays true to its roots in dance music, without breaching into unknown territories or trying to become something it’s not. 

Morgan Page’s latest dance album EP: DC to Light

EDM DJ and producer, Morgan Page, releases his album “DC to Light” featuring numerous guest appearances, including tracks with Angela McCluskey and frequent-collaborator Lissie, whom he collaborated with for 2008’s GRAMMY-nominated “The Longest Road.” He also teams up with popular female EDM vocalists, Polina and Meiko. In fact, one of the standout more dance-sounding tracks is Page and Meiko’s “Think of You.” The clubbish, dance-house head-nodder “The One I Love,” with vocalist Polina is another great track that combines elements of “so chill it mellows you out” and “get up off your ass and dance!Particularly if “dance-house” is your cup of tea. If you’re more the type into bass heavy, dubstep-womping snares and trappy rhythms, you’ll be disappointed here.

The more “pop-dance” track of the album, “Open Heart” is your standard dance-pop fare, a la Zedd, David Guetta or the like, but the pop-ballad, country-music channeling even, acoustic version, is much more charming and subsequently, a little less basic.

“Safe Till Tomorrow [Acoustic Mix]” featuring Angelika Vee is probably one of the best tracks on the album. With just the right amount of dance-housey keyboard synths which bubble and resonate with house rhythm structures reminiscent of Kaskade. The addictively pleasing vocals of Vee make it a soon-to-be club banger.

“Save You” featuring David Jackson also continues the dance piano archepeggios and pop-rock “Wake Me Up”-like vocals necessary in making a “house-banger.” While still damn good, the “playing it safe” song structure surely are used to guarantee suitability for the blasé-blasé nightclubs found in Everytown, USA where super-thirsty patrons with their Masters’ in “Flexing” frequent and top 100 pop/dance singles reign supreme.

You can stream the album from Spotify, buy it on Amazon and iTunes, and stream it through Apple Music.

iTunes Music Store Link


Stream on Spotify

[Trap Hip-Hop / ATL Rap:] Chedda Da Connect – Lost Count (feat. Sy Ari Da Kid)

[Hip-Hop Rap / ATL Rap:]

Chedda & Sy Ari team-up with help from Zaytoven
Chedda Da Connect & Sy Ari Da Kid’s “Lost Count” Produced by Zaytoven

By now you’ve no doubt heard one of the latest nationwide meme crazes “Flicka Da Wrist” by Chedda Da Connect. The unsung underground single sprung into popularity following several viral videos and top vine lists of people showing their own takes and methods of ‘flicking their wrists”.

Chedda Da Connect (Houston born), doesn’t just make meme music. His mixtape, Chedda World showcases his rapping talents over trappy, street-style beats with a bevvy of feature artists from his hometown, as well as Atlanta.

Notably, he collabs with up-and-coming Atlanta rapper, Sy Ari Da Kid on the tape. The two team up on “Lost Count” ; a ridin’ in the whip trappin’, but not in complete turn-up mode track one would sit back and ride low to, or procede to count yo ‘hunnits to. Chedda World also receives back-up from rappers the likes of fellow Vine rapperT-Wayne, Kirko Bangz and Rizzo.

Chedda Da Connect’s Chedda World:
Link (courtesy:

Sy Ari Da Kid:

Check out this music video from Sy Ari Da Kid that’s over 8 minutes long featuring verses from many of ATL’s top rap groups and emcees “300 Spartans” featuring D Dash, Translee, Verse Simmonds, Que, K. Camp, Stuey Rock, Tha Joker, Jose Guapo, Chaz Gotti, Bo Deal, Bambino Gold, Dae Dae, Doe Boy, Scotty ATL, Issa, John John Da Don, Fly Guy Veto, Migos, Tabius Tate, Zuse, Kidd Kidd, Nyemiah Supreme, Jacquees, Retro Jace (Two9) & Fort Knox.

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