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Migos Body New Feature On Marshmello’s ‘Danger’

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Frequency 21 Magazine

Written by Tim Sandler

The EDM giant Marshmello and the trap icons Migos have teamed up for their track Danger, a tune for the soundtrack to the upcoming Netflix movie Bright, which features another EDM/trap crossover with a song from Steve Aoki and Lil Uzi Vert.

While it’s rare for these two worlds to collide, it isn’t unheard of with Marshmello having remixed Future’s Mask Off and using the talents of Khalid for his song Silence. However, this time round he lets go of the air horns and frat party drops in favour of a colder, more trap like beat that the Migos would be more accustomed to, but not without dropping the electronic sounds altogether.

The end result is a slightly more electronic trap tune, reminiscent of the sounds used on Vince Staples’ album Big Fish Theory released earlier this year. The rattling hi hats and ominous…

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[Concerts] Tchami & Malaa World Tour: Live at The Tabernacle in Atlanta

Tchami & Malaa brought down the house at The Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta on Saturday, November 18th. With Halogen as the opening act the duo proceeded to melt minds and faces around 10:30 PM. Check out some of the videos I took below:

Summer ’99. Bass was lit.

I know this one! It’s “The Sermon” check out the light show these cubes give off.

Another unknown song. The drop was incredible however.

Pure Bass/Future/Dance house vibes.

Another epic remix with ridiculous bass.


[Future House:] Kid Cudi & Crookers – Day ‘N Nite (Moksi Switch Up)

There aren’t many good remixes of Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N Nite” but Moski’s Switch Up is excellent. The right amount of Future House flair, while still incorporating the best elements of the original make for a banger that shouldn’t be missed.

Kid Cudi has always been a favorite of mine and I’ve been listening to his music since he was underground, well before Day ‘N Nite became a hit. I’ve always felt a special connection with his music. His originality, his realness, touching on issues such as depression and addiction, and the messages within his music.

Crookers is great as well and has released many “underground” like house hits and actually helped make Kid Cudi famous when they remixed “Day ‘N Nite” way back in 2008. The song was so successful in Europe (and eventually America) that it got it’s own music video, even before the original song had gotten a video!

[Future House/Deep House:] Dua Lipa – New Rules (Shaun Dean Remix)

…and if you under him, you ain’t gettin’ over him.

I got new rules, I count ’em. I got new rules, I count ’em.
I gotta tell them to myself.

The hit song “New Rules” has been remixed six ways to Sunday ever since the original released. Shaun Dean‘s remix adds some funky future house synths along an upbeat, but grimey bassline. Check it out above, courtesy of Deeprot’s Youtube Channel.

[Festival Blog] iMAGiNE Music Festival Blog & Review

I know it’s rather late, as I’ve been busy with my last semester of college and working two jobs, however I finally got around to posting my Imagine Music Festival (IMF 2017) pictures, video clips and a general review. It’s a month overdue but let’s get into it.

Review Score: Imagine Festival 3.75/5 Stars ( B- )

Quick Sum-Up: Imagine Music Festival (IMF) is a high profile EDM festival hosted in Southwest Atlanta (about 20 minutes south of the capital) every year. Sponsored by iRiS Events and Management, Imagine is a large fest that features camping options. The experience itself (like most fests) is epic. IMF does a great job with killer light and laser shows, attractive stages with fire cannons, and activities for fest-goers.

Day 2: Walking into the House area, Chill Future House playing (possibly Nora En Pure).

Day 1: The end of Ill Gates set who performed on the Disco Inferno stage (a smaller but central stage of the fest).

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[NEW DJ Mix] LUMiNUS – Sept. 2017 Dance & Bass House Mix

Update: the .mp3 has been properly updated to the final version.

[NEW DJ Mix:] Sept. 2017 Dance & Bass House Mix

Check out my latest mix above, a quick mix of this summer’s eclectic dance music and bass-house hits! Starting with some smooth house from Kraak & Smaak then progressively getting grimier and more bass ridden, this mix is made to dance to. Follow me on Soundcloud, Twitter & more through the page for my mix!