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[Reviews:] [Bass House:] Taiki Nulight’s first full-length endeavor is an enjoyable mix of bass and dark house.

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Taiki Nulight

Taiki Nulight’s first full-length album, Murky Manor, is an interesting journey through dark house sounds and bass soundscapes.

When it comes to Brighton resident, Taiki Nulight, we see an artist with a history of putting his unique spin on UK Garage, bass, and house music. Furthermore, he has collaborated with big names such as Chris Lorenzo, Lo Steppa and Cause & Effect and remixed songs from even larger staple artists like Above & Beyond and Netsky. For Taiki’s new album Murky Manor, released under AC Slater’s Night Bass Records, he hones his experience in the industry to release a piece of work heavily influenced by bass house, UK Grime, and Garage, reflecting his personal sound that he has always wished to convey.

Take a listen to Taiki Nulight’s Murky Manor, download or stream it on your favorite platform, and join me as I explore some highlights from the album below!

Stream Taiki Nulight – Murky Manor on Spotify:

Murky Manor marks the house DJ’s first foray into full-length LPs. Taiki Nulight calls it the culmination of his past six years DJing.

The opening track “Invite to Murky Manor” starts off slowly. Calm lounge overtones begin, then a bouncy house beat joins the mix, setting the tone for the whole LP. Dark overtones and heavy bass are the overall mood of the album. However, from track to track the sound changes quickly, and varies from subtle and nuanced, to more direct. The intro track builds with satisfying, gritty, grimy vibes. These, in turn, carry over to the title track, “Murky Manor“.

Taking on the album’s moniker, “Murky Manor” picks up with snazzy keyboard riffs adding in a steady house beat. As a result, it gives off an impression or feeling of hybrid lounge house music. Soft, yet riddled with bass and dark energy.

Most of Murky Manor straddles the line between dark and tranquil house music. It can quickly flip from calmly reassuring to highly energetic, in the best way possible.

Most of the album follows this trend, straddling the line between softer, dark house sounds and more energetic cuts that would be at home at an underground house club. This embodies the different moods Taiki Nulight has felt in his life and as a DJ. At times, the sounds are soft, subtle and funky. At others, they are much more powerful and heavy. Big bass, steady snares and foreshadowing rhythms, and synths build in the back-beat culminating in his overall vision of sound.



The much more charged “Night Bass Thing“, which receives treatment from Night Bass label head AC Slater and Atlanta rapper Dell Harris, is the first cut with vocals that aren’t samples. Harris raps / Girls in the club they movin’ movin’ / over dark synths and a quite dance-able BPM. AC Slater brings his unique sound to this track as well, certainly taking it up a notch. This one is perfect for house lounges and clubs that embrace the underground feel.

On the bass-house side, standout tracks like “Murky Labs,” “Primal”, and “Sinner” (with Chris Lorenzo) have side-step and shuffle ready flows.

The light keyboard present in the softer songs returns in a few of these, mixing well amid samples you’d expect to hear in something more G-House tinged. It’s in nice contrast with the shadowy, dark vibe present throughout the album. “Primal” is a bass-house club-ready track and one of the more upbeat numbers present. In addition to multiple layers of sound and waves of bass, a nice almost subtle drop creates a head-bobbing rhythm and is certainly one of the star tracks.



In short, Taiki Nulight’s first LP is a captivating display of the depths of darker, more subdued house music.

Remaining true to its theme throughout, Murky Manor explores the depths of a unique blend of bass, house, and garage music. There are times when some of the tracks become indistinguishable from the next, but all fit the general vibe Taiki is trying to portray. In all honesty, it’s an easy listen all the way through and comes off as much more authentic. Murky Manor is a successful foray into the world of full-length albums for Taiki Nulight, made for underground house venues and bass-house and dark house connoisseurs alike.

Taiki Nulight – Murky Manor – Tracklist:

  1. Invite to Murky Manor
  2. Murky Manor
  3. The Business
  4. Night Bass Thing with AC Slater (feat. Dell Harris)
  5. Way I Feel
  6. Murky Labs
  7. Sinner with Chris Lorenzo
  8. Iconic with Dread MC
  9. Primal
  10. What You Gonna Do with Cause & Effect
  11. Villain Dub

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[Dance:] David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, J Balvin – Say My Name

[Dance:] Say My Name – David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin

Latin flair meets dance music in hit “Say My Name”

Music powerhouses David GuettaBebe Rexha J Balvin are enjoying their time in the spotlight while trending all over the interwebs as “Say My Name” continues to blow up. With over 20 million views on Youtube (as of Nov. 29th) for the official music video, the song is a certified hit.

The song adopts a slower, more latin-influenced flair than what French DJ, Guetta is usually known for. The result of Bebe’s sultry vocals along with J Balvin’s Spanish crooning produces a mix that works incredibly well.

The beatc produced by 

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[Throwback:] [Calming House/Funk:] Kaytranada – Bullets (feat. Little Dragon), upcoming releases & Favorites

[Ambient/Future House:] Bullets (feat. Little Dragon) – Kaytranada

Today’s throwback post focuses on Canadian DJ, Kaytranada, whose infectious sound causes listeners to take notice the moment they hear one of his songs. I’d first heard of him around the time I initially began to listen to and research Future House music several years ago. Kaytranada’s music could be called Future Lounge. It’s never really high energy or insane, and it works extremely well. He makes music you’d listen to at the beach, sailing over the ocean blue, or lounging on a tropical island.

Apparently, he’s dropping new music as well with the likes of Ty Dolla $ign and will have three new tracks by Friday. Check out some of Kaytranada’s hits below and social media info.

Check out Kaytranada on Spotify!

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[Bass House/G-House:] Chris Lorenzo & Taiki Nulight – Never Say Never (feat. Dread MC)

[Bass House/G-House:] Never Say Never (feat. Dread MC) – Taiki Nulight & Chris Lorenzo





Never Say Never is a power packed bass house hit

They say never say never, they say never say never

Can’t control me, can’t control, cannot say nothing to me
I’m just free to do whatever,
They say never say never

In preparing for my upcoming review on Taiki Nulight’s “Murky Manor” I stumbled across he and fellow label mate Chris Lorenzo’s “Never Say Never” featuring Dread MC.

Released as part of the Night Bass series from their label head, AC Slater, the track is a power packed hit.

This is because from start to finish, the energy is strong with this one. Starting off with the vocals and a simple, steady rhythm, vocals They say never say never, a mysterious synth begins in the background before bass comes cascading down after the first verse. By then your head is already bobbing and your feet already shuffling.

The grimy bass line, telling us to never say never is incredibly catchy and satisfying

This is dirty bass-house at it’s core, with maybe a slight touch of UK Garage. The grimy bass line is accentuated by the male and female vocals telling us to “never say never.” It’s incredibly catchy and at a satisfying six minutes, doesn’t leave you wishing there was more or thinking it’s too short.


Three minutes in, a breakdown occurs letting the dancefloor catch it’s breath before quickly picking back up with a boom, “cack” rhythm. This is for dancefloors, underground house clubs and fans of bass.

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Taiki Nulight’s recent LP “Murky Manor”

The Club – Mix Cut – Reebs

Falls (TOKiMONSTA Remix) – ODESZA, Sasha Sloan

Satisfied (feat. MAX) – Armand Van Helden x Cruise Control Remix

Standout from A State of Trance 888 “Amsterdam”

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Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu & Eevee – Quick Impressions coming up!

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[Future House:] Rachel Costanzo – Comfortable (Jyye Remix)

[Future House:] Comfortable (Jyye Remix) – Rachel Costanzo

Australian based DJ, Jyye, delivers an uplifting remix of Rachel Costanzo’s “Comfortable.” Channeling future house vibes, bass lines and great vocals is a deep floor-filler with a depth of sound that is nicely realized, as much of the music featured on Selected.’s YouTube channel is.

This song certainly “keeps it comfortable” settling with a comfy sound and BPM perfect for house lounges and late night set sessions.

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[Big Room/Dance:] EDX – We Can’t Give Up

[Big Room House/Dance:] We Can’t Give Up – EDX

We Can’t Give Up (Official Music Video)

EDX Performing “We Can’t Give Up” at Imagine Music Festival 2018

Girl, you’re something special,
And you know I want you,
You’ve been on my mind all the time,
and you know, that we can’t give up

This one’s a little late, but as I was clearing media off of my phone I realized I never uploaded many videos of EDX’s show at Imagine Music Festival. I’d be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t highlight this great track, “We Can’t Give Up.”

Swiss DJ, EDX is known to delve into the more melodic and big-room style of dance music that is very emotionally moving, soothing and self-contemplative. This track is no different. Not taking itself incredibly serious and not a high energy banger, this song is more soothing to the soul and one you dance carefree to, swaying to the beat or shuffling on time. It’s important to have artists that stick to this style of music in an era where others are always looking for the “hardest” song or drop.

Each style has a time and place and this song is a great cool down track or addition to a more downtempo set. Look below for more music from EDX and links to his profiles.

Check out more from EDX on his Youtube channel.

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