[Top 40 Hits Remix] [Post Dubstep/Trap] Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out [BlurryFace] (Andrew Lundeen Remix)

[Top 40 Remix] [Post Dubstep / Trap]
Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out (Andrew Lundeen Remix)


I was told when I get older, all my fears would shrink but now I’m insecure, and I care what people think

My name’s ‘Blurryface’ and I care what you think

Check out this sonically sweet trap remix of billboard topping, iTunes/musical.ly/Vine #1 smash alternative rap track”Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots. Remixed by Andrew Lundeen, the new take on the popular song smoothly melds elements of trap dubstep (that catchy snare), alternative rap and future electronic sounds to create an awesomely chill, mellow trap banger.

The original song, released in April 2015 from Twenty One Pilots album, Blurryface has picked up a lot of popularity lately with its frequent use in viral and meme videos shared over social media. In the original song the lead singer raps and sings, lamentably, about his nostalgia for childhood pastimes (‘Blurryface’ is reportedly, the manifestation of the singer’s dark, negative and anxious side).

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[Repost] Watch The Throne: Drake Ties The Notorious B.I.G. For This ‘Billboard’ Record

I don’t know guys, comparing Drake to Biggie…. eehhh

[Original Article:]


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[EDM Origins: Trance House] [Throwbacks] // [Hard Trance / House] Future Breeze – Second Chance // [Ambient Trance/House] Michelle Williams – We Break the Dawn (Karmatronic Remix)

This EDM Origins post focuses on some of the early trance and progressive house sounds responsible for today’s EDM with a sick remix of Michelle Williams by Karmatronic

[Hard House/Anthem Trance]
Future Breeze – Second Life (Club Mix)

For Our EDM Origins of today we have two very influential and treasured songs from my music library. Both released during the forefront of EDM’s emergence into American culture during the ripe year of 2008. Our first selection “Second Life (Club Mix” by Future Breeze is a highly slept on, heavy bass-synth trance track I happened to stumble across on iTunes one day.

[Spoiler:] For the young and restless skip ahead to the 3:01 mark for the epic drop. The song continually builds over futuristic synths that were likely foundations for the Future House and Synth House we have today. After a nice little intro the music cuts. Slowly but surely a tiny synth chord begins, growing louder, until the epic drop that rides out for the rest of song. Trance lovers will not be disappointed.


[Ambient Trance/House]
Michelle Williams – We Break the Dawn (Karmatronic Video Remix)

Next up, how can we forget Karmatronic’s magnificent remix of Michelle Williams “We Break the Dawn”. Turning the song into a groovy, downtempo and danceable house track. This remix stands out to me today the same way it did when I purchased it solely off its 30 sec. preview back in 2008. It’s one of a growing minority of older songs I still keep in 8000+ library. I guess it’s the overall natural feel of the melodies blending into something smooth and harmonic without losing the original’s identity. A welcome change from a time awash with similar “remixes” of pop music and Top-40 hits that populated dance charts throughout the early to mid-2000s.

This remix is a great song for riding, relaxing, getting things done, or just to find your own little groovy moment in it.