[EDM ORIGINS] Dyro Feature “Carry Me” and “Daftastic” // Morgan Page “Fight For You”

[Dance/Deep House:] Me (Dyro Remix) – Morgan Page feat. Nadia Ali


Dutch DJ and EDM producer Dyro, one of EDM’s rising stars has several remixes and original productions worth taking note of. No one should miss out on these two phenomenal tracks from the 23-year old DJ and EDM producer. The first, a remix of Morgan Page’s festival anthem/big room banger “Carry Me” featuring Nadia Ali. The second, a powerful dance house tune with plenty of bass and a sick bassline “Daftastic” which pays homage to the godfather’s of the electronic dance music scene, Daft Punk. Check out both songs above and more about Dyro below:

Dyro’s Soundcloud

Dyro on Twitter

[Dance/Electronic:] Fight For You – Morgan Page