[Electro-Future-House] Kanye West – All of the Lights (Prince Fox x Hotel Garuda ReFiX)

All of the Lights (Prince Fox x Hotel Garuda ReFiX) – Kanye West

Initially I was very wary of a remix of one of Kanye West’s most iconic songs to date. Thankfully Prince Fox and Hotel Garuda did an amazing job and definitely did the original justice. This remix slows down the vocals and gives them a hauntingly resounding feel, as if people were chanting in the woods somewhere or singing the chorus at a candlelight vigil. The result is extremely serene while not compromising the rest of the turn-up energy inherent in the rest of the track.

It’s also good to see Garuda’s name up there again. I don’t know he may be pretty big now but I remember when he was breaking out onto the scene with some incredibly eclectic unique music. Prince Fox is also in a similar style with his very abstract, future oriented and IDM-inspired EDM songs.

Check out more from these artists on their Soundcloud pages and be sure to look out for more from them in the near future.

[Future House/Trap:] Kid Ink – Main Chick (feat. Chris Brown) [Apex Rise Flip] // SIVIK – U Got (XXYYXX Remix)

 Main Chick ft. Chris Brown (Apex Rise Flip)

Check out this absolutely banging remix of Kid Ink’s “Main Chick”. Apex Rise puts an amazingly danceable, uplfting serotonin-releasing future remix. Crescendos of layered vocals alongside trappy snares and futuristic synths make this track stand out above “just any old trap song.” Be sure to check it out above and on Apex Rise’s Soundcloud.

U Got (XXYYXX Remix) – SIVIK

Next up is a quite amazing chill track “u Got’ remixed by the master of ambient chill, psychedelic music himself, XXYYXX. He takes SIVIK’s original song and turns it into a mesmerizing entrancing chill tune with some trappy hi-hats, shakers, calm soothing regular and chipmunk vocals and even a tempo shift. Simply a masterpiece to behold. Check it out on SIVIK or XXYYXX’s Soundcloud.