Curren$y & Alchemist – Smoke Break

[Real HipHop] Throwback Article: Smoke Break – Curren$y & Alchemist from their highly lauded “Covert Coup” mixtape.

Some songs are just too good not to repost. The ones that come up on shuffle mode and just so happen to be exactly what you feel like hearing (crazy right, or is it?). Mine for the day was the ever-classic “Smoke Break” by semi-underground ex-Young Money front-runner Curren$y.

After a long day of sorting through new electronic, house and trap (street rap not the overdone EDM genre). Hearing this come on with Spitta’s ever masterful — bars on ‘one hunnit’ swag as usual, combined with the lazy, riding on Cloud 9 type beat with heavy instrumentation, laid down by none other than acclaimed Hip-hop producer Alchemist rounded out a good, long productive day.

Notable lyrics:
The style done got switched up

Cause the last one got bit up,
Yeah lil homie y’all can get down,
but I bet y’all can’t keep up!

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