[Future/Deep House:] Rihanna – Work (Beave x Martin & Rami Remix)

[Future/Deep House:] Work (Beave x Martin & Rami Remix) – Rihanna

Well, it certainly is refreshing to hear a new remix of Rihanna’s “Work” and a version that doesn’t make you roll your eyes as soon as you hear it (a la the Original). Beave, Martin & Rami’s remix is smooth, funky, and downright enjoyable to listen to. It’s got the right elements of bopping dancefloor number, and chill EDM song you might look out over an oceanic sunset to.

My only small gripe about this remix is that the original’s beat isn’t incorporated more, granted in this remix they do channel the original song at 2:31, but I wish they had let the original’s beat (the steadily rising in tone synth from the original) ride out for a little bit longer. The Liam & Keegan Remix does a really good job of this, albeit it’s a little older and more mainstream but still good (I’ll post it below for comparison). Either way, this remix is great, don’t miss it!

Work (Liam & Keegan Remix) – Rihanna


[Dance House:] Cardi B – Bodak Yellow (CiD Remix)

[Dance-House:] Bodak Yellow (CID Remix) – Cardi B

Just when I thought I would never really like this song, house and bass master, CID, went and remixed “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B. OK, maybe it’s not that I’d never like it, it’s like one of those songs you maybe kinda like, but don’t go out of your way to hear (for me anyway).

By adding a steady bass-boosted backbeat and some house flair CID turns the stripper turned socialite’s smash hit into a house club ready remix. Adding danceability and mixability without going too over the top, this remix is a welcome addition to any EDM fan, DJ, or just anybody’s music library.

Check out more from CID on his Youtube channel and look below for some clips I took of CID’s performance at Atlanta’s Shaky Beats 2017 back in May.

Me and another random festival-goer singing along and dancing to “All Night Long” at Piedmont Stage

Another DJ (forgot who sorry!) playing CID’s Secrets Live


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