[Rock/Showtunes:] Panic! at the Disco – The Greatest Show (from The Greatest Showman: Reimagined)

Panic! at the Disco returns with a re-imagined version of the title track from The Greatest Showman’s soundtrack.

[Pop Rock/Showtune Soundtrack:] The Greatest Show – Panic! at the Disco

One of the biggest buzzes in music news this week is the return of Panic! at the Disco with their song “The Greatest Show” in a re-imagined, re-worked soundtrack of the Oscar nominated musical “The Greatest Showman.” Brendon Urie, front man of the band said he was “excited to add a little of [his] own theatrics” to the song, according to The Rolling Stone.

The song certainly channels that signature Panic! at the Disco sound. Moments after the song starts it is instantly recognizable to anyone who’s been a fan, or even those casually exposed to Panic!, like I was for most of my senior year of high school. Their unique sound, and an impressive performance, won Urie the “Best Alternative” award at the European Music Television Awards on November, 4th, in Bilbao, Spain. Check it out below:

The re-worked version has incredibly uplifting energy and theatrical harmonics certainly deserving of awards. Also on the soundtrack are other songs from the film, re-imagined by other popular artists. These include songs featuring P!nk’s already-released “A Million Dreams,” as well as a reprised version sung by her daughter, as well as new covers from Kelly ClarksonSara BareillesPentatonix and more.

Be sure to check out Panic!’s stellar song, and also the re-imagined The Greatest Show soundtrack on Spotify.

[Big Room/House:] Showtek – Booyah (feat. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson) [Breathe Carolina Remix]

Denver based duo Breathe Carolina remix the classic banger “Booyah” adding a fun, breezy vibe to the song.

[Big Room/High Energy House:] Booyah (ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson) [Breathe Carolina Remix]

One of the most classic high energy EDM tunes “Booyah” gets a remix from Breathe Carolina. The Denver based electronic music duo has certainly been on the rise as of late releasing numerous singles and remixes. Their remix of “Booyah” leaves in the high energy bass and drops, combined with reggae vocals, but adds a little more feel-good energy and a breezy vibe reminiscent of enjoying shoreline waves on a beautiful beach.

The signature drop from the original was changed up a bit, but the remix as a whole is still very enjoyable and very much a club/festival banger. The outro has a very nice dance/house sound that will transition well into other similar BPM tracks.

Listen to more of Breathe Carolina on their Soundcloud.

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