[EDM Origins] [Dance / Speed Rave:] Nancy & The Boys – Survivor (Speed Dance Remix) [Destiny’s Child Cover]

Dance/rave remix of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” by Nancy & The Boys

For this EDM Origins post I’m highlighting a song I heard back in my Dance Dance Revolution days from the popular Japanese dance music compilation series, Dancemania. Hosted by Toshiba-EMI, Dancemania was like a compendium of dance, eurodance and techno-themed music mixed together featuring a lot of great, cheesy, Japanese (and other nations) and all-around rave ready tracks highly suitable for DDR. Many of the artists in the series were “one-hit wonders” or specifically consigned by the label to make songs for Dancemania and/or DDR signing the rights to Toshiba-EMI or Konami.

This particular remix is a speed-dance, euro-rave remix of Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor.” I particularly enjoy the speedy spin Nancy & The Boys put on the song and wish there was a longer version. Because I could not find the track anywhere I uploaded it to Youtube with the lyrics. Enjoy!