[Dance House/Deep House:] Notsofamous – Hold on to me

[Dance Future/Deep House:]

Notsofamous’ “Hold on to me” revisits all the best elements of dance and early future house. The sustained vocals during the chorus bring flashbacks of 00s trance music and ambient acts like Late Night Alumni. This track should fit right into chill house sets or down-tempo functions.

[Chill Future/IDM:] Lil Thing (KiD Curry Remix)

[Chill Future/IDM:] Lil Thing (KiD Curry Remix)

Check out this chill future cut channeling some serious intelligent dance music (IDM) vibes. Relaxing cascading synths and chilled-out vocals produce abound and it’s all for good. Kid Curry’s remix of “Lil Thing” is not to be missed.

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