[Post-Dubstep:] Adventure Club & Crankdat – Next Life (ft. Krewella)

Powerhouse trio Adventure Club, Crankdat and Krewella unite for “Next Life”

Dubstep pioneers Adventure Club have teamed up with producer Crankdat and female songstress and DJ, Krewella for the energy filled track, Next Life. Elements of dubstep, future house and bass collide in this uplifting “post-dubstep” track with each artist bringing their unique flair to the mix. Opening with soft melodies that transition into air guitar like synths and layers of  sound makes for an interesting composition.

Krewella delivers magical vocals over Adventure Club’s one-of-a-kind soundscape; one that feels familiar but is also different enough from the dubstep that made them popular in the first place. The drop and the bassier elements of the track seem to be Crankdat’s doing, but I could be dissecting it wrong. Regardless, the trio deliver a powerful hit that successfully changes up a familiar format.

I’ll be waiting in the next life…


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[Trap / R&B:] Beyoncé – End of Time (DJ Sliink & Big O Remix) // [Trap:] Krewella – Live For the Night (Aero Chord Remix)

This awesome trap remix is one of the better remixes I’ve heard of Beyoncé’s “End of Time” with bumping beats, elements of trap and Jersey house rhythms. It is also one of the few remixes that successfully incoporates Beyoncé’s insanely catchy and rhythmic ad-libbing at the very beginning of the remix (and the original), something I hoped other remixes would do a lot, it’s probably the best part of the song and having it repeat is a recipe for sonic eargasms.

Live for the Night (Aero Chord Remix) – Krewella

Krewella’s smash hit “Live For the Night” receives the remix treatment from electronic producer Aero Chord, who makes the jam into a trappy, bass-filled banger with a good amount of trance influence. You can check out another great remix from Aero Chord, though much more of a dubstep/dance vibe, in his remix of “Twerk” by the Diamond Pistols below:

Twerk (Aero Chord Remix) – Diamond Pistols

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