[SAXUAL REMIX:] Milky Chance – Stolen Dance (Alex Brandt’s Saxual Edit)

[Chill/Ambient:] Stolen Dance (Alex Brandt’s Saxual Edit) – Milky Chance

The smash-hit single “Stolen Dance” by alternative electronic band, Milky Chance gets yet another remix, this time a Saxual take from EDM artist and producer, Alex Brandt. This particular “edit” doesn’t change a whole lot from the original song but, it doesn’t need to. The addition of some saxophone riffs and melodies further complement the extremely chill vibe of the original and the song as a whole. You can’t go wrong with what sounds like a Jazzy Club remix of Milky Chance! Check out more from Alex Brandt below:

Alex Brandt’s Facebook

Alex Brandt’s YouTube

[Alternative Dance/Electronic/Rock] Milky Chance – Stolen Dance (DiMMi Club Edit) & FlicFlac Edit

Alternative rock/electronic German band Milky Chance has been growing in popularity since their first album release, Sadnecessary in 2013. The band is most recognized from their single “Flashed Junk Mind” which was featured in a popular Budweiser commercial. I have blogged about that song and it’s remixes as well which can be found on this site.

Now comes two great remixes of another of Milky Chance’s hit songs “Stolen Dance” (featured in popular Vine user AlliCat’s 50 Shades of Grey Vine) from two great EDM artists,  the DiMMi Club Edit & the FlicFlac edit. Both remixes incorporate the memorizing repeating melody and chords of the original, the rest is up to personal preference. DiMMi’s edit sounds more dance club ready, while FlicFlac’s edit is more house-influenced (although still “clubbable”). Check them out!

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