[Future House:] Ba-kuura x Objectives – Make Out & [Trap / Dub] Flosstradamus & TroyBoi – Soundclashm

Another simply epic track out of the collective EDM group MVNGCSTL (Moving Castle), future house (or as described on a Youtube comment: advanced epic) hit “Make Out” by EDM artists Ba-kuura and Objectives. This smooth, chilled-out dance, R&B, house smasher samples Alicia Keys’ “Unthinkable (I’m Ready).” Many in the EDM community may recognize this sample from another smash house hit, “Stay” by Henry Krinkle or one of its many remixes.

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Next up is trap banger “Soundclash” from two trap gods themselves’, Flosstradamus and TroyBoi. This collabo works particularly well here producing a spacey, trap banger incorporating trappy snares & hi-hats and some well known samples (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 DO IT! & the robotic letter vocals at the end). Both artists are well established in their own right; Flosstradamus being one of the artists that pioneered EDM trap music, and TroyBoi, a burgeoning British trap DJ on the come up in the EDM scene (one of his tracks was recently featured on the hit TV show Empire!)
More trap hits from both continued below:

TroyBoi’s smash single “OG” released in January 2015.

Flosstradamus and TroyBoi latest release, teaming up again for this Waka Flocka remix.

Classic, possibly one of Floss’ most iconic, influential tracks “Test Me” with DJ Sliiink

[Southern Rap from NJ?] Fetty Wap – Throw It Back (feat. Khaos) // [TRAP w/Andy Milonakis] Chief Keef, Gucci Mane & Andy Milonakis – Hot Sh*t / Right Now

From rising rap star Fetty Wap, the mastermind behind “Trap Queen,” which is blowing up all over America and abroad (I said “Hey, wassup? Hello!!” / Seent [sic] yo pretty ass soon as you walked in the doe’ [sic]) today we are highlighting another track from Fetty’s mixtape/EP Up Next. Standout track “Throw It Back” featuring rapper Khaos continues the vibe from Trap Queen, although less of an anthem and more a regular cut, it’s still great nonetheless. There has been some debate on the Internet as to Fetty Wap’s sound, which some find very reminiscent of Southern hip-hop and rap styles, even though Wap is from New Jersey. There is no doubt that Southern rap has influenced the hip-hop game as a whole and IS a sought-after sound for musicians, most rappers will have at least a few tracks in this style, even if they’re not from there.

Chief Keef & Andy Milonakis “Hot Shit”

Next up, we have two rap tracks featuring the famous actor, Andy Milonakis, who is featured on Gucci Mane‘s Views From Zone 6 mixtape and Chief Keef‘s Sorry 4 The Weight. Getting backing from Gucci and Keef on the former track, and just Keef on the latter, Milonakis spits the ending verses on both and in Keef’s songs claims Keef’s group, GLO Gang. Both tracks are trap hip-hop singles for bumpin’ in the whip or throughout the streets. This is by far, not the first time Milonakis has rapped (whether for fun or officially on an official release), he was known to rap on his former TV show on MTV, The Andy Milonakis Show, where he played a crazy, yet cool young boy (Milonakis is actually in late adulthood). Check out both tracks above and below!

Gucci Mane, Chief Keef & Andy Milonakis “Right Now”

[House/Funk Instrumental:] Jitterbug – Sweet Tooth || [House Club / Bass] Taiki & Nulight x AC Slater – Doing It

Today we’re highlighting a smooth, funky house beat from the artist and DJ, Jitterbug. This refreshing track while seemingly simplistic, emphasizes and accentuates the basics of house and funk music; A groovy, catchy beat combined here with a melodic piano roll/riff makes for a great and “new classic” house tune. Jitterbug is part of the Uzuri music group/collective, check out more from them below:

Uzuri Soundcloud

Continuing our deep house vibe comes deep-house, bass track “Doing It” by DJ duo Taiki & Nulight and bass producer AC Slater. All the right elements are present in this bass-house anthem; grimey bassline, spacey futuristic synths and a head-bobbingly infectious rhythm. Taiki & Nulight also produced, arguably one of the best remixes of one of my favorite songs, Above & Beyond’s “Sun & Moon” featuring Richard Bedford. Keeping the trance sound of the original and amplifying it with sick bass is the feat of this massive remix. You can check it out below, along with the Soundcloud of the British DJ duo.

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