[DJ Mixes] New Mix – LUMINUS – BBQ Lit (Summer 2017 Deep House & Dance Mix)

I am very proud to present my first mid-summer mix “bbq lit” a mix I created to do just that, get your barbecue lit af fam! Starting off with some slower ambient EDM the mix gravitates towards heavy bass by the middle and ends with some bass-house as well as a hit dance number from Jauz and Crankdat.

[New Mix] LUMINUS – BBQ Lit

1. Zhu – Intoxicate
2. AlunaGeorge – I’m in Control (Throttle Remix)
3. Elderbrook – Difficult to Love (Nu Aspect Remix)
4. Joy Ryde – Hot Drum
5. A.C. Slater – Bass Inside
6. A.C. Slater – U Got 2
7. Jauz & Crankdat – ID (I Hold Still)

[Ambient House/IDM:] Zhu – Intoxicate

[Ambient House/Intelligent Dance Music]
Intoxicate – Zhu

What can I say about Zhu? Other than that his music is mind blowing, Zhu has been making waves in the electronic scene for quite some time now. In one of his latest releases “Intoxicate” he reaffirms his rising position among electronic producers.

“Intoxicate” is a wild, deep journey through spacey sounds, trippy bass lines and incredibly catchy computer vocals. You can’t help but move and sway to the beat as it builds up and breaks down, or for the final chorus and trap snare reprise near the ending. As the computer repeats, “Intoxicate…exhilarate…stimulate…accelerate…” you find your body and mind wanting to do the same.

Do yourself a favor and check “Intoxicate” out, as well as more from Zhu including a great remix by Enda of his song “Faded.”

[Trap] RL Grime – Reims

I first heard “Reims” when RL Grime performed it at Atlanta’s Shaky Beats Festival. Pounding rhythms, building bass and repeating harmonious screams compose this multi–from banger. “Reims” rests comfortably somewhere between trap, dance and IDM. Check it out above and check out more from RL Grime on his YouTube and SoundCloud.

[Dance/House:] Jauz & Crankdat – ID (I Hold Still) (Original Mix)


ID (I Hold Still) – Jauz & Crankdat

I (I, I –) I hold still, I hold still…

Jauz has been everywhere as of late. Dropping hits on Soundcloud, collaborating with many other DJs and producers and getting play from Rezz at Atlanta’s 2017 Shaky Beats Festival. 

Check out the dance-house collab between Jauz and producer Crankdat. “ID (I Hold Still)” is an energetic, yet chill ride through retro sped-up female vocal samples, a la “Retro City” of Adventure Club, but much more intricate and far less mainstream.

The bass and synths combine well for a charged dance-pop, almost trance single up until the drop where dirty and grimy bass combine rounding out the song’s trap/post-dubstep vibe. I may still be learning about boy-wonder DJ, Jauz, but I feel this is probably not the type of song he typically does, making I Hold Still all the more epic. I can only imagine hearing this live….

[Ambient Trap/Chill EDM] Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR Llif3 (Y2K Trap Remix) & Dysphoric Remix

XO Tour Llif3 (Y2K Trap Remix) – Lil’ Uzi Vert

Y2K delivers a great and satisfying remix of Lil’ Uzi Vert’s 2017 classic XO Tour Llif3. After attending the Shaky Beats Festival here in Atlanta, I had to search out and find the original song after The Chainsmokers dropped their own remix of it on Day 3 of the fest.

The original while deep and catchy, is not really dance-able, so naturally I had to find a remix that was. Y2K’s is the most noteworthy. 

Leaving most of the composition of the original intact, he adds a Western style riff in the beginning, a but more bass & trap snare, and hauntingly good effects over the chorus/hooks.

At Shaky Beats it was actually the Chainsmokers who dropped this song and remixed it. I will post it later and though their remix was epic it was more like a sample of the original over their own original trap production not a real remix like this one. Alas, this is the case in EDM often where you have remixes that fully incorporate the original with new sounds and remixes that “hint” at their source material but are basically an entirely new song.

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