[Reggaeton:] Darell, El Alfa – PAKATA & [Bass House:] Skrillex, J Balvin – In Da Getto (Remixes)

It’s Latin hour on this post. Throw back a few cervezas, or even some tequila, and let loose.

For this track I have three separate shoutouts. First off, my parents, as apparently when I was young I was babysat by Hispanic babysitters and all my life I have always been particular to Hispanic and Mexican culture. This led to my learning of un poco de espaƱol, I’d know more if I ever actually stopped ghosting the green owl from Duolingo.

I also think it’s what’s led to my recent liking of Bad Bunny, J Balvin and several other Spanish artists. Lastly, I have to shoutout my gym. My local Crunch gym literally is a club. Every time I go in they are bumping some of the best hip-hop, electronic and reggaeton I’ve ever heard. My Google “What is This Song?” button is worn out from all the tunes I’ve searched while working out.

This is the latest from those searches. Between the bumping beat powering the group fitness class in the corner through their HIIT, to the slick sample of Ludacris’ “Saturday” the banger level of “Pakata” is undeniably over 9000.

All this is a long ass way to say, Pakata = muy duro.

Honorable mention: Skrillex, J Balvin – In Da Getto (Henry Fong Remix) and it’s remixes from the recent LP.

[House:] lau.ra – Body Go (Lawrence Hart Remix)

Lawrence Hart’s remix of Body Go by lau.ra is the perfect amalgam of classic and contemporary house music.

[House] Body Go – Lawrence Hart Remix – lau.ra

I don’t need no explanation / ya I know your reputation / You got all my attention

Time for some classic house music. Lawrence Hart’s remix of Body Go by lau.ra is the embodiment of classic yet contemporary house. Upbeat, hip vocals, and a steady floor-filling beat, let this track transport you straight to the dance floor.

Lane 8 – Nuclear Lethargy

“Nuclear Lethargy” is the third single off Lane 8’s upcoming January album, “Reviver”

“Nuclear Lethargy” is the third single from Lane 8’s upcoming album Reviver (dropping Jan 21). Lane 8 never seems to disappoint with their amazingly creative and deep soundscapes. “Nuclear Lethargy” is everything progressive is and should be.

Stream it here.

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