{New Rappers} [Chill Deep/Meaningful Rap:] SAFE – Feel (Prod. by Habib D.) // Roy Wood$ – Talk to Me // Devontée – Bare Tings

Feel (prod. Habib Defoundoux) – SAFE

For today’s rap/hip-hop post we have a dark, ambient-chill rap track coming from up-and-coming rapper, and suspected soon to be OVO member, SAFE. Word on the Internet is that Drake’s label and collective, OVO has been looking to add new members and SAFE is one rapper several sources claim may be next up. With two tracks released, “Now” and “Feel”, the two generated enough buzz to give SAFE some pre-release hype. This track “Feel” has a very atmospheric, almost foreboding feel and rhythm that is certainly along the lines of Drake, The Weeknd, and other singer-songwriter rap acts.

Talk to Me – Roy Wood$

Along a similar vein with the dark, ambient moody rap we have “Talk to Me” from Roy Wood$ which similarly channels Drake or Frank Ocean. The result is a very calm, relaxing groove with lyrics describing a lost love. Woods’ cadence and cycling between rapping and singing are a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop world.

Bare TIngs – Devontée

Devontée‘s “Bare Tings” is a catchy and manages to use the phrase “my woes” without coming across as annoying or lame. Devontée’s rapping style and the overall flow of the beat reminded me very much of Chip Tha Ripper or someone along those lines. Check out the song above and check out more from Devontée on his Soundcloud.

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