[Today’s Throwbacks:] The Roots – Criminal (feat. Truck North & Saigon) [Rap] / [Alternative Rock] Chasing Victory – Oceans Away

Our throwback selection for the day are some tracks from the mid 2000s. First up, released in 2008, we have the ever classic “Criminal” by The Roots with Truck North & Saigon. This is real hip-hop to its fullest, coming out during an era that marked the come-up of conscious, real and meaningful hip-hop (as opposed to snap music and whatever else was on the radio at the time). It was these fandoms of non-mainstream, but current hip-hop rappers that gave fuel to and led to the discovery of some of the games’ biggest names today: Wiz Khalifa, Kid Ink, Lil B, Curren$y, Mikey ‘Sir Micheal’ Rocks, Big K.R.I.T., Action Bronson and more.

Around theĀ time I heard this song I also was shown another good song for real “hip-hop heads”, “The Far Left” by rapper Evidence, produced by and featuring famed producer, The Alchemist and also backed by the very talented Fashawn. The pounding beats drive into a powerful message carried into tonal bliss by a sick sample. The music video even features a very artistic expression of the lyrics as flash cards. Check it outĀ below under my rock throwback highlight.

For Rock, today on shuffle I heard a rock song that takes me back to my high school days. Released in 2005, Oceans Away is characteristic of much of the rock that was coming out during those days. Though some might describe it as a bit emotive, its lyrics and overall sound are very catchy. Don’t get me wrong “emo-rock” back when I was in high school was big, especially with the “rocker” chics and some of the more “scene” kids I used to run with. It was during this stage I discovered Fall Out Boy, Say Anything, Killswitch Engage, Gym Class Heroes, The Receiving End of Sirens, Death Cab for Cutie and many other artists I still at least listen to from time to time, and definitely will always respect and admire their works.

[CON’T from above: “The Far Left (feat. Fashawn & The Alchemist) – Evidence”]

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