[NEW DJ Mix] [Future House, Hip-Hop, Trap & Dance] Summa Funk ’15 Mix (feat. D.R.A.M., Major Lazer, Rihanna, Luca Lush & Sean Paul) & iMAGiNE Music Fest @Masquerade

Late Summa Funk ’15 Mix (feat. D.R.A.M., Major Lazer, Rihanna, Sean Paul & more)

Be sure to check out my latest mix “Summa Funk ’15 Mix”, a combination of hip-hop, future house, bass & moombahton and trap sounds sure to round out the end of summer and smooth the transition into Fall. The mix clocks in at about 13 minutes and features songs from artists like D.R.A.M. (the hit group behind I Like to “Cha Cha”)Major Lazer & Friends, Luca x Lush & Rihanna, and last but not least Sean Paul remixed by KickRaux).

You can download the mix fore free on my soundcloud and check out other highlighted music as well as my other mixes.
To all my readers in Atlanta (or who are going to be in Atlanta this weekend) one of the cities’ most popular music events (behind TomorrowWorld) is this weekend, the Imagine Music Festival (IMF) hosted at the historic Old Fourth Ward music venue, The Masquerade. Going on all day (from 12 noon to about 12-1am), the festival features several headlining EDM artists including, Datsik, Dada Life, Morgan Page, Lil Jon, midnight panda, Leah Culver (MK Uktra), Ployd, Tipper and many more… 

{New Rappers} [Chill Deep/Meaningful Rap:] SAFE – Feel (Prod. by Habib D.) // Roy Wood$ – Talk to Me // Devontée – Bare Tings

Feel (prod. Habib Defoundoux) – SAFE

For today’s rap/hip-hop post we have a dark, ambient-chill rap track coming from up-and-coming rapper, and suspected soon to be OVO member, SAFE. Word on the Internet is that Drake’s label and collective, OVO has been looking to add new members and SAFE is one rapper several sources claim may be next up. With two tracks released, “Now” and “Feel”, the two generated enough buzz to give SAFE some pre-release hype. This track “Feel” has a very atmospheric, almost foreboding feel and rhythm that is certainly along the lines of Drake, The Weeknd, and other singer-songwriter rap acts.

Talk to Me – Roy Wood$

Along a similar vein with the dark, ambient moody rap we have “Talk to Me” from Roy Wood$ which similarly channels Drake or Frank Ocean. The result is a very calm, relaxing groove with lyrics describing a lost love. Woods’ cadence and cycling between rapping and singing are a breath of fresh air in the hip-hop world.

Bare TIngs – Devontée

Devontée‘s “Bare Tings” is a catchy and manages to use the phrase “my woes” without coming across as annoying or lame. Devontée’s rapping style and the overall flow of the beat reminded me very much of Chip Tha Ripper or someone along those lines. Check out the song above and check out more from Devontée on his Soundcloud.

[Future Dance/Rap] Ty Dolla $ign – Or Nah (ft. The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa & DJ Mustard) [(ARULE) Remix]

Or Nah (feat. The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa & DJ Mustard) [(ARULE) Remix]:

Check out this great remix of Ty Dolla $ign’s hit-smash single, “Or Nah” from ARULE. The original is a great track on its own that will likely remain timeless for years to come, but Ty’s single has been remixed six-ways to Sunday (Happy Sunday btw y’all, no pun intended) and ARULE delivers a very dance-able beat-steady cut with a nice blend of Dance-House and Future-House/Trap. Check out the song for yourself and download it for free from ARULE’s Soundcloud.

[[Fetty Wap Features]] [Rap & Hip-Hop:] Don Lu – One Night Only (feat. Fetty Wap) // Big Bankhead – Party Girl (feat. Fetty Wap)

Don Lu & Fetty Wap’s “One Night Only” is a smooth street trap cut, definitely worth checking out.

Ironically enough, this hip-hop/rap post features a song with the same title as my last post, but with a much different feel. For one, it’s not EDM! (lol) but an appreciable rap song with radio appeal from rapper Don Lu but with massive backup from hip-hop’s current shining star, Fetty Wap. Check out this very nice, smooth track you may have missed, released earlier this year in April.

Next, we have yet another low-key rap hit also featuring Fetty Wap coming from Big Bankhead. “Party Girl” continues the party rap, radio-ready sound that Fetty Wap and whoever else he is on the track with continue to find. Fetty delivers some top-notch catchy lyrics here, “You gon’ show me how you twerk? Or nahh, baby?!

BONUS: Squad or Nah

[EDM Origins] [Dubstep] Trivecta – One Night Only (Original & Remix feat. Yohamna Solange)

One Night Only – Trivecta feat. Yohamna Solange

Check out this Origins throwback post of a great melodic-dubstep cut, “One Night Only” by dubstep act Trivecta featuring vocalist Yohamna Solange. The track is most definitely more melodious and harmonious for the dubstep genre, danceable, and uses modern slang without coming off as too cheesy (see my previous post about “Twerk (Aero Chord Remix)” by the Diamond Pistols). Both the original and the hard to find but possible (on Soundcloud) NUDr0p Extended Rework are great songs for anyone’s collection.

[The Urban Daily] Ice Cube & Son To Star In L.A. Riots Thriller

Ice Cube & Son To Star In L.A. Riots Thriller.

It looks like Ice Cube is just starting to get back into the movie game quite heavy and is bringing his son along with him for the ride. After the wildly successful debut of the music docu-music-drama “Straight Outta Compton” the rapper and actor has plans to star in a film on the riots of Los Angeles, which will also star his son. Check the link above for the full story. Thanks and credit to The Urban Daily for the lede and breaking the story.

[Throwbacks] [House / EDM Origins:] Kaskade – Start Again (feat. Becky Jean Williams) // [Trance/Prog. House:] Kaskade – Human Reactor (feat. Polina)

Check out two strong progressive house tracks from superstar DJ and producer, Kaskade.

Start Again – Kaskade feat. Becky Jean Williams

Kaskade’s iconic Dynasty album helped propel him into the forefront as EDM music was coming up around 2008. With soothing vocals, calming guitar chords and brain-melting synths, “Start Again” is just one of many songs showcasing the musical depth and variety that Kaskade is well-known for. Dynasty was probably one of Kaskade’s last albums of the ’00s-’10s that had a very strong progressive house focus (Fire & Ice had a more dance-pop, dance-house feel; Dynasty seemed very trance-influenced).

Just listen to another signature track from the album, “Human Reactor” featuring Polina, which features a heavy progressive electronic/house vibe over entrancing and uplifting vocals melding seamlessly with rising synth arpeggios.

Human Reactor – Kaskade feat. Polina

And I’ve woken up to sobriety
Just another day you’re not with me
Wish I could escape reality
And drown in the beats I’m so lost in

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