[Dark Trap] Travi$ Scott – Skyfall (RL Grime & Salva Remix)

California-born trap bass producer, RL Grime is no stranger to the EDM scene. His songs run the gamut of dance music’s genres though he specializes in trap and hip-hop remixes, along with his original music. He teams up once again with fellow Califonian and BBC Radio One resident DJ, Salva. The two produced a well-known remix of Kanye West’s “Mercy” back in 2012 and remixed the Jamie Lidell song “What a Shame” in 2013. They join together once again to give us a trappy, albeit somewhat darker version of Travi$ Scott’s “Skyfall”.

RL Grime:


[Alternative Dance/Electronic/Rock] Milky Chance – Stolen Dance (DiMMi Club Edit) & FlicFlac Edit

Alternative rock/electronic German band Milky Chance has been growing in popularity since their first album release, Sadnecessary in 2013. The band is most recognized from their single “Flashed Junk Mind” which was featured in a popular Budweiser commercial. I have blogged about that song and it’s remixes as well which can be found on this site.

Now comes two great remixes of another of Milky Chance’s hit songs “Stolen Dance” (featured in popular Vine user AlliCat’s 50 Shades of Grey Vine) from two great EDM artists,  the DiMMi Club Edit & the FlicFlac edit. Both remixes incorporate the memorizing repeating melody and chords of the original, the rest is up to personal preference. DiMMi’s edit sounds more dance club ready, while FlicFlac’s edit is more house-influenced (although still “clubbable”). Check them out!

[Post Dubstep/Future Dance] Ellie Goulding – Your Song (Extan Remix)

EDM artist, Extan, puts a very unique spin on Ellie Goulding’s “Your Song” with “post” dubstep sounds and harmonic string choruses. The epic build-up gives way to a chillingly good track, further enhanced by EDM goddess Ellie Goulding’s heavenly vocals. Though the main genre of the song is dubstep, Extan successfully intertwines elements more common of vocal trance or dance/house music resulting in a tranquility-inducing cut. Give it a listen above and check out Extan’s other songs below.


[Funny Trap Anthem] Little Einsteins Theme [886Beatz Trap Remix] – Matthias Gohl & Billy Straus

Little Einsteins Trap Theme joins the plethora of remixed kids’ show themes and becomes viral through Vine and YT videos.

Blowing up all over Vine and YouTube right now are the #littleEinsteins videos, vines & memes. Set to a trap remake of the original theme song, hailing from the Disney kids’ show of the same name. Producer 886Beatz made the song a trap anthem over a year ago back in January 2014 while practicing sampling. The song recently began skyrocketing into popularity following several mash-ups and humorous viral videos set to the what might become a new trap anthem. EDIT: 886Beatz mentions on his Youtube video that Kenny Knox was the original producer of at least the beat (instrumental) itself, it is unknown at this time if 886Beatz added the Einsteins sample or changed the remix at all).

Remixing or sampling kids theme songs, although not new by any means (see below for a few more kids show remixes) have been getting a lot more attention as many users of the Internet inject children’s songs into Vine videos and other “funny meme” clips. Viral videos and memes have taken heart to iconic kids TV shows (many from the 90’s) such as Spongebob Squarepants, Arthur, Caillou, Doug, Rugrats, That’s So Raven, All That, The Fairly Odd Parents, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Proud Family, Pepper Ann, Jimmy Neutron, Pokemon and more… SEE MORE KIDS SHOW REMIXES BELOW

If you haven’t seen them, here is one good example of the funny viral videos spawned. ^

A quick history lesson: SWAG SWAG, I’m Caillou

NSFW: Caillou Remix Theme/Swagg Version . Back in 2011 I had the good fortune of having my cousin introduce me to Yung God’s “based” remix of the Caillou theme. The song is often incorrectly credited to Lil B “THEBASEDGOD” but is actually by another “based” rapper, Yung God.

Spongebob Krusty Krab Trap Theme (2014)

[TRAP Hip-Hop/Street Rap] Trap Queen (Prod. by Tony Fadd) – Fetty Wap

Smash hit trap/rap anthem of the Winter is now blowing up across the US. With a very distinctive beat and a catchy hook and chorus, New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap has made a name for himself as he joins the rap scene. Part of the rap group 1738 RemyBoyz, he raps and traps in his video alongside CEO and fellow member Montana Buckz, explaining how he loves to trap, rap, get high and fly with his baby, or Trap Queen.

Although “Trap Queen”‘s first plays were a few months back on radio stations in Atlanta, like Streetz 94.5 FM and HOT 107.9 FM, the song is consistently getting more and more play. Released almost a year ago back in March 2014, the song has over 15 million plays on Fetty Wap’s Souncloud; the music video released in Aug. 2014 has 10 million views and counting (stats as of Late February 2015)

[Funny Stuff/Memes] Oh Don’t Do It! Oh my god… BDotOMGMovement Vine

Oh Don’t Do it, OMG Dance Vine (original and compilation vines below:)

If you don’t know already and have been living under a rock, one of the newest Vine crazes is the “Oh Don’t Do it” / “Hoe Don’t Do It” OMG movement. I decided to do my own take on the song and dance, captioning my video with some funny comments. All jokes aside, the song has already hit viral/meme status and compilation videos on YouTube (like the one posted after the jump) are nearing 500,000+ to 1 million views.

The original video features a questionable black man getting ready to dance and asking his friend, the camera man if he is ready. His friend replies “BRUH just go for it right now, HERRY (hurry) UP!” A hip-hop/snap style instrumental plays in the background. Next the lyrics of the song say the now legendary “Oh/Hoe Don’t Do it! YAHH! Oh my god…” as the man from before proceeds to dance to the song. [NOTE: The original creator of this vine/song lyrics/movement is credited as to BDotAnthony5 or B.A. Brandon Armstrong, rapper, basketball player and fellow Chamblee High alum.

The video has become a meme of its own on Vine and several other social media platforms. There are several compilations featuring the song, many with a person or something about to happen, then at the “YAAAHH!! OMG!” the person usually does something disagreeable, gets smacked, a FAIL ensues, or just a general statement where you would see something and say “Oh my gawd,” and then probably shake your head in disapproval. The very hilarious trend is catching on, and has a song of it’s own and remixes.

UPDATE 5/18/15: I discovered the origin of this song and why it’s so damn funny! It was originally a song by unsigned hype rap group The Krew titled “Krew-Libs” a track they made simply for fun with random ad-libs to a beat.

[THROWBACK JAM] Take It To Da House (feat. Trina & Slip-N-Slide Express) – Trick Daddy

We’re throwing it back to the 90s and highlighting the classic summer jam “Take It To Da House” by Trick Daddy

Let’s all take a moment to remember this unforgettable summer jam from the 90s! Featuring none other than rapper Trick Daddy and hip-hop songstress/rapper, Trina. Winner of the 2001 Billboard Music Award for R&B/Hip-Hop Group, “Take It to the House” was the first single from Trick Daddy’s fourth studio album, Thugs Are Us and is still considered a stand-out song for its time.

Featured on the track are rappers of the Slip-N-Slide collective: Sung, Money Mark, J.V., Trina and Co. The song was a favorite throughout the mid-90s and still is heralded today as one of the key, stand-out rap songs from the era. This version of the song saw frequent play from the now defunct, but legendary Atlanta radio station 95.5 FM “The Beat.”

Artists credited on the song include the “Slip-N-Slide Express” the alias of the collective group, though many websites and music sites list the song as “featuring Trina.”

Slip N Slide the Miami record label was founded in 1994 and features artists such as Plies, Trina, Rick Ross (a former member), rock artists and new up-and-coming artists like Sebastian Mikael, Swazy and Qwote.

(artist and album information obtained from wikipedia.org)

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