New Release “Dustwave Atmospherism”


Dustwave atmospherism 30 min mix combines Hip-Hop and EDM and some of the more eclectic songs of the latter genre.

New Release “Dustwave Atmospherism”

I’ll be as objective as I can :3 . Check out my newest release “Dustwave Atmospherism” a 30 min joy ride into the sounds of hip-hop mixed and infused with EDM. You can also get a FREE DOWNLOAD and please leave comments or critiques so that I may grow as a DJ!

I may put a tracklist up when I get a minute but I have been very busy.

Thanks guys!



Happy MLK Day!

Happy MLK Day!

Georgia State University professor’s comment on progress made; what MLK would say today

Professor’s Response to the Progress Made as a Nation

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! My school put out a very interesting article on MLK Day with responses from several Georgia State University Professors sounding off about the progress we’ve made, and how MLK would feel about this day if he were here. I believe it started with the second professor referencing that infamous or highly hilarious (depending on your viewpoint) episode of “The Boondocks” (and also highly controversial) where MLK was actually in a coma and re-awakens in the late 2000s only to find he can’t vote, is criticized for his nonviolent approaches (in a post 9/11 MUST GET AL-QAIDA) world, and has to deal with some ‘less-than-savory” black people.

I actually didn’t have much problem with the episode when it aired, though I was younger then (ehh maybe a freshman or sophomore in college as opposed to a 5-year senior) but I thought only the ending where King cursed and uses racial epithets was slightly over the line. This episode while controversial, was not banned on US television airwaves (only an episode about Tyler Perry and BET studios were banned in this season of ‘The Boondocks’).

While we still have far to go, we can at least admit some change has happened. Everyone likes to point to what’s still wrong with America, but how ’bout we look at what’s still right? How ’bout we smile at all the little kids who have multi-racial friends, the little white boy who is best friends with a black kid, the now white teenager who dates a teenage black girl (some don’t even like this!!) the white person who has grown up in an urban environment, knows all the rap songs and more slang than I do. The reverse side, the black kid or family who has grown up in the country and embraces every part of it just as much as their white counterparts.

Though we still have changes to make, these scenarios happen more and more everyday. And not necessarily even because people want to, but because of moves, economics or other reasons they have to, and these days we have more people going along with it, then stirring conflict because of this integration. Take a moment and think about something you are grateful for that may or may not have been possible without the work of Dr. King.


Darris Pope


Had a great nap a few min ago, and said on my social media accounts essentially, “I’m awake, now wassup” or as one of my favorite characters from Family Guy would put it, “NOW HOW U GONNA ACT.” Don’t ask me what possessed me or what fucked up mental demons I have that made me think of this, just laugh at it.

Kid Ink’s “My Own Lane” a solid album with mixtape feel, in a good way [PREVIEW]

My Own Lane (2014) – Kid Ink.

LISTEN VIA STREAM AT VIBE.COM: My Own Lane Album Stream – Kid Ink

Kid Ink has released his first studio album on a major label “My Own Lane” with the stlye and polish you’d expect from his mixtapes (high quality and EP-seeming on their own). The smash single “Show Me (feat. Chris Brown)” is tearing up the airwaves and the album is full of bangers as well. Ink has several big name features on the album including, Machine Gun Kelly, Tyga, Pusha T and Elle Varner among others.

Some quick ‘skim-through’ highlights:

Track 2 – The Movement
Track 8 – Murda (Feat. Pusha T)
Track 10 – Tattoo of My Name
Track 11 – No Miracles (feat. Machine Gun Kelly and Elle Varner
Track 12 – I Don’t Care (feat. Maejor Ali)

Stay tuned for full album review after the jump!

Police Raid Justin Bieber’s House And Make Drug Arrest

Wow, well I guess it was only a matter of time. #smh

The Urban Daily

Justin Bieber

Welp! For those who thought Justin Bieber would never see any repercussions for his actions…you wouldn’t know it from what went down at his crib early this morning! TMZreports that as many as eleven L.A. County Sheriff’s patrol cars swarmed the Bieber’s residence to execute a search warrant in connection with Bieber’s egg-throwing incident last week outside his neighbor’s home.

Yes…Justin is accused of egging a neighbor’s home and causing more than $400.00 worth of damage making it a felony case of vandalism.

Anywho, a search warrant was executed on the Bieb’s crib and his lil homie Lil Za got busted with a felony amount of Molly aka ecstasy! Za’s bail has been set at $20,000. He is still in custody. The police claim that the drugs were out in plain sight. No word on if Lil Za was sweatin though…whooo!

Now, many may have questions about what the cops…

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Ke$ha and Pitbull’s “Timber” tops charts

Ke$ha and Pitbull at the AMA 2013 Awards. Photo credit to

Ke$ha and Pitbull have taken their hit single, “Timber” to the top of the Hot 100 charts, according to Billboard. This marks the second single for Pitbull to top No. 1 charts and the third for Ke$ha. Pitbull previously held the top spot with “Give Me Everything” feat. Ne-Yo Afrojack and Nayer in  early July 2011, while Kesha’s “Tik Tok” and “We R Who We R” topped the chart for several consecutive weeks in 2010. The song is currently at No. 2 on the iTunes Top 100 just behind Katy Perry and Juicy J.’s “Dark Horse.”

“Timber” combines Ke$ha’s catchy hooks and Pitbull’s usual ahem…”style” of rapping over blues harmonica melodies to a dance beat. The result is far more pleasing to the ear and while I have never been a fan of Pitbull lyrically his effort on this song seems much more, organic. Ke$ha only further saves this song with a hook only she could pull off. All this song needs now is a couple of good EDM remixes!

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DJ Hoodboi & FLCNS drop massive “Paranoid” Remix: “This b*tch tryna set me up, maybe I’m just paranoid?”

[Jersey House] Ty Dolla $ign – Paranoid (DJ Hoodboi & FLCNS Remix)

DJ Hoodboi and FLCNS deliver a massive remix of Ty Dolla $ign‘s summer smash hit “Paranoid” classifying their remix as, New Jersey House, I can’t stop playing this remix. The deconstruction of the beat and repetitive hooks from the original song create a very dance-floor ready tune that any DJ, or casual music listener can appreciate.

Ty Dolla $ign has been blowing up on the West Coast and in Atlanta since his release of Beach House 2. Follow him on Twitter at @tydollasign also be sure to follow and support DJ Hoodboi and the Falcons at @djhoodboi and @FLCNS respectively!

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