[Future Bass/Turn-Up] Major Lazer – Too Original “Mandragora! on Acid Remix” & The festival-ready “T-Mass Remix” & iconic Original Ver.

[Future Bass / Dancehall:] Too Original (Mandragora! on Acid Remix) – Major Lazer feat. Elliphant & Rockwell

[Festival Trap / Future Trap:] Too Original (T-Mass Remix) – Major Lazer feat. Elliphant & Rockwell

[Future Dancehall] Too Original (feat. Elliphant & Rockwell) [Official Version] Lyric Video – Major Lazer

I’ma blaze high, til’ the day I die
sweat the shit out, every tear, every lie
Anybody wanna dance with meh?
Sippin’ on my rum in the corner still, ah

We a groove to di morning break.
Na, we go banana ina suga shake…

Bring the base up, make a blasta block!

Major Lazer’s lastest album Peace is the Mission has generated a lot of buzz in the music world, especially concerning EDM. With the chart topping single featuring Ariana Grande, “All My Love” dominating US (and worldwide) airwaves it’s only right to do a feature on another quite popular, more eclectic single from the album “Too Original.”

Previously featured on iLLUMiNOUS Music for the very interesting, bailé-funk influenced Sydney Sousa remix, two more remixes of the song simply cannot be missed, as well as the original song itself in all it’s majesty.With an absolutely god-damn filthy bassline, the Mandragora! on Acid remix of the song subtly takes the original to new heights as additional drums, an emphasized backbeat and rolling window-shaking bass rolls. Be prepared to stop whatever you are doing and irresistibly start to get-down as the song progresses going into deeper and deeper layers. Find out more about Mandragora, here.

On the flipside the “T-Mass” remix albeit a bit more predictable is just as mind-blowingly good as the originals horns and backbeat ad-libs are enhanced by dark trappy rhythms and a certainly festival-ready drop probably make this the highest-energy re-make of Major Lazer’s eclectic original. Check out more from T-Mass, here.

A beast of a song as it is, the original version of the song has one of the catchiest clap/horn melodies I’ve ever heard. Check out more from Major Lazer, here.

If you are so inclined, you can also watch me mostly embarrassing myself dancing to the song in my Instagram video (for those that know it) or my Vines (below):

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